'My ex sleeps in when he has our daughter – I think it's unacceptable'

A mum has slammed her ex for sleeping in when taking care of their eight-year-old daughter and sought advice on whether to confront him or not – but the criticism has stirred opinions online

Dad sleeping
The Dad has been branded lazy – but some users jumped to defend him (stock photo)

A mum has slammed her ex for sleeping in when taking care of their daughter – branding it “unacceptable”.

The anonymous parent posted on the popular forum Mumsnet after FaceTiming her eight-year-old, who visits her Dad “every second weekend and once in the week every second week”.

In her post she tells how her child got up at 9am and made her own breakfast while her Dad continued to sleep.

“It’s now 12.30 pm, she is dressed, hair and teeth brushed and he’s still lying in his bed,” the post reads.

“This has happened before but only till about 11am, never the middle of the afternoon. Daughter doesn’t seem too bothered.”

The Mum says the Dad’s actions have ‘nothing to do with alcohol or drugs’ (stock photo)


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The mum went on to admit that over the Christmas break, there were a few occasions where she herself had a lie in, but insists “that was till around 10am tops and that was after a busy festive period”.

She added: “Maybe I’m being sensitive so I want to be sure before I say anything to him.

“I could understand more if he had her full time but surely on the days you have your child you’d want to spend time with her rather than sleeping?”

Many Mumsnet users were outraged by the post – with some describing the Dad as a “lazy git”.

“If it’s a one off until this time then I wouldn’t make a fuss about it. But I agree it’s not on when he should be spending time with her,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “When he has so little time with her it is a bit off. Won’t be many years before she will want to spend more time with her friends so he may regret the little quality time he spent with her.”

However, some defended the anonymous Dad – arguing: “You have no say or control of what he does when he has his daughter.”

Another wrote: “It’s literally nothing to do with the mum. Nothing. [The daughter] is in no harm, she’s fed and washed.

“What her dad does or doesn’t do whilst they are together is nobody’s business but theirs. Some of you don’t co-parent and it shows.”

Do you think it’s unacceptable to sleep in when you have a child? Let us know in the comments below

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