‘My daughter has grown up watching horror films and I don’t see an issue with it'

A mum has told how she lets her daughter watch whatever she wants on the television, including horror films and claims the youngster doesn’t get freaked out by any of it

Luana Ribeira
Luana doesn’t mind what her daughter watches

As Halloween rolls around, lots of people will be cosying up on the sofa and scaring themselves silly watching horror movies – including 12-year-old Seren.

Despite many parents being quite strict when it comes to what their kids can and can’t watch, this youngster has taken an interest in horror – and it’s all thanks to her mum, Luana Riberia.

Luana, who lives in Anglesey, told The Mirror how she lets her daughter watch whatever she wants and that she doesn’t get freaked out by it.

This might be because Luana works in the movies herself and is set to star in an upcoming spooky flick, called There’s No Such Thing as Zombies.

The 40-year-old says she and her daughter will be watching the film together when it comes out.

Seren doesn’t get freaked out by the films


Luana Ribeira)

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She said: “My 12 year old loves horror, I let her watch whatever she wants – she’s grown up with me being in horror movies and knows the movie tricks so they don’t scare her.

“I’ve got a zombie film coming out soon called There’s No Such Thing as Zombies and I’m sure she’ll be watching that with me.

“It’s fairly recent that she’s shown an interest, but she’s grown up with me being in horror movies and knows the ‘tricks’ so they are not a big deal for her.

“She is not freaked out in the slightest! She knows a lot about how things are done and has even been on set with me when she was very young and has seen what happens behind the scenes.”

Luana adds that she “loves” watching horror films and enjoys acting in them even more, so it’s not surprising her daughter is curious.

“They are great fun,” the mum says. “An adrenaline rush!”

And while she lets Seren watch most things, she admits she will occasionally tell her daughter if she thinks something isn’t suitable for her to see.

She adds: “I let her know that I don’t think she should watch it and give my reasoning.”

However, she knows that not all parents will feel the same way about letting their children watch horror films, so to others she said it’s “completely your call” as “you know your own kids”.

Will you let your kids watch horror films this Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.

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