Mute boy, 3, with deaf parents mauled to death by neighbour’s pit bull in South Africa as he was unable to call for help

A DEAF mute boy has been mauled to death by a neighbour’s pit bull.

Luqmaan Jardien, just three-years-old, was unable to call for help to his deaf parents as the savage beast laid into him in Cape Town, South Africa.

The poor youngster couldn't even scream for help


The poor youngster couldn’t even scream for helpCredit: Newsflash
Little Luqmaan was pronounced dead at hospital


Little Luqmaan was pronounced dead at hospitalCredit: Newsflash

Luqmaan who was born to deaf parents, was alone with the neighbour’s dog when tragedy struck Monday morning.

The animal reportedly dragged the deaf-mute boy into the garden and had its jaws clamped around his throat when his horrified uncle, named as Dawood Stuart, spotted the nightmare scenes and tried to save him.

A woman, who asked not to be named, reportedly saw the scene first and then notified Stuart.

She said: “I looked out the bathroom window and I saw Luqmaan lying there and the dog was busy biting him in the neck.”

Daily Voice reports that the boy’s family did not hear Luqmaan’s cries because he could not speak: “We didn’t hear anything because he is mute like his parents. He couldn’t shout for help.”

The uncle said he scooped up the severely-injured boy and tried to get back inside the house, but the dog kept attacking.

Stuart said the pit bull still had its jaws clamped around the boy as his uncle tried to rush him inside, with relatives resorting to bashing the beast with the front door.

According to a witness, Luqmaan was “faintly breathing” at first, but was tragically pronounced dead at hospital.

He added that the pit bull was usually “fine on other days” and that the youngster would play with it during the afternoons.

Stuart presumed that the animal must have been “somehow provoked”, adding that the boy’s parents have been left “devastated”.

A police spokesperson said: “It’s very sad, because we don’t even know if the child could call out for help.”

It is unclear if the incident is still under investigation.

The attack took place in the Hanover Park neighbourhood


The attack took place in the Hanover Park neighbourhoodCredit: Newsflash
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