Mum warned baby will be bullied for 'worst name ever' – which 'sounds like a shampoo'

A couple’s choice of baby name for their little one has been mocked online after people were asked to share some of the ‘worst’ monikers they’d ever come across

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People were divided over the baby’s name (stock photo)

We all know that settling on a name for your child can be an incredibly difficult task and every parent has a good reason for picking the name of their choosing.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to like your choice – in fact, some people might consider it to be the ‘worst’ name they’ve ever heard.

This happened to one mum after finally finding the ‘perfect’ baby name for her child, her colleague decided to share the moniker on a Reddit thread.

The thread, which recently resurfaced online, asked users to share the worst baby names they’d ever come across.

Some thought it sounded like a brand of shampoo (stock photo)


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Commenting on the Reddit post, they shared their colleague’s baby name, which was Strawberry Rain.

They then went on to explain why they thought it was one of the worst names they’d ever heard – as they thought it sounded like a type of shampoo.

The anonymous person wrote: “My coworker named her baby ‘Strawberry Rain’. Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo.”

The comment got thousands of votes on the site, with many agreeing they weren’t a fan of the name.

One person replied: “This reminds me of Jamie Oliver’s kid named Petal Blossom Rainbow. Like…what the f**k man.”

Another said: “I would have gone with Strawberry Shortcake, but it’s her pick.”

“It does sound like a shampoo,” proclaimed someone else.

A fourth added: “I hope you’re lying. If you’re not, that kid will get bullied so badly.”

However, not everyone disliked the name, with a different user pointing out: “On the plus side, they can just shorten their name to ‘rain’ which isn’t so terrible.”

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