Mum wants guests to PAY for husband's 40th birthday party – and people are outraged

Birthday parties are great fun but can be expensive to organise – especially if you’re planning on having dinner as part of celebrations.

But is it right to ask for guests to PAY to attend a dinner party of a friend or is that too cheeky?

That’s the question one mum asked people about her husbands 40th birthday party – and received a huge backlash.

Writing on Mumsnet, she explained that she’s planning a meal in her parent’s holiday house for the weekend with three other couples.

People thought paying for catering was a bit much to ask

“She said: “We are going to go to my parents holiday house for the weekend with 3 couples and their [kids].

“I had the idea to have a sit down meal provided by and served by caterers. This will be adults only after kids gone to bed. This works out about £25 pp for three course meal plus cheeses.

“[Am I being unreasonable] to ask people to pay for this? We are providing the house and all facilities so apart from food it would be only expense for everyone.”

The post received nearly 500 comments with some VERY strong opinions on the matter.

Fancy dinner party
People reckon getting guests to pay is a cheeky move

Lots of people thought that this was an unreasonable ask, with one person commenting “pay for your own party”.

Another said: “No absolutely not ok to ask people to pay for the caterers. Pay for the food and if you must ask people to bring their own alcohol.”

Someone else added: “Would not attend if asked to pay. Really cheeky!!”

One user wrote: “If it’s too expensive then you don’t do it. You don’t expect your guests to fund a fancy party for your husband.”

She says she’s going to host the party at her parents’ holiday home

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Some people thought there was a middle ground if the catering would cost too much, and suggested some more realistic ideas.

Someone said: “Ask one couple to do the starter, one the dessert and one the cheese board. You and [your husband] do the main course as it is your party/idea.

“Each couple provides a bottle of wine to go with their course and you & [husband] provide the extra bubbles to celebrate the birthday.”

Another person simply said: “cook dinner or get a takeaway”.


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