Mum wakes up to discover she’s ordered a cardboard cutout of Boris Johnson after drinking too many wines

Jemma Harvey, 30, woke up to discover she’d ordered a life-size cardboard cutout of Boris Johnson (Picture: Caters News)

Who among us hasn’t gone a little wild on the online shopping front after getting more than a little tipsy?

While some of us might have ordered bizarre clothes promoted on Instagram or a huge amount of plastic balls (to make a ballpit, of course), Jemma Harvey, 30, went for a more topical theme for her purchase.

The mum-of-two couldn’t help but laugh when she woke up to discover a cardboard cutout of Boris Johnson outside her door – that it turned out she had ordered while drunk.

Jemma had entirely forgotten about the order, which she had made following a night on Zoom with pals.

The good news? The mum is loving her new cardboard friend – and it only cost her £30.

The single mum is glad for the company (Picture: Caters News Agency)

Jemma said: ‘I was scratching my head when there was a delivery following a night drinking on Zoom.

‘I had no idea what the box may contain as I couldn’t remember ordering anything.

‘I couldn’t stop laughing when I opened it to find Boris staring at me.’

Jemma says her cardboard Boris is now part of her support bubble and has been keeping her company during lockdown.

‘I have to say, the cut out is one of the best things I have ever ordered,’ she said.

‘It has provided so much entertainment during lockdown.

‘My friends think I am crazy, they even bought me Boris Johnson books and T-shirts for Christmas.

Jemma has had to pack him away as she kept mistaking cardboard Boris for an intruder (Picture: Caters News Agency)

‘I have had to pack him away though because I kept forgetting he was up and mistaking him to be a random man in my house!

‘He can come out on special occasions now – such as New Year’s Eve when my friend Michelle Gibson, 36, who is really in my support bubble and I sang with him.’

Jemma admits she is a ‘massive fan’ of Boris Johnson and loves that she has a life-size copy of him in her home.

She said: ‘A lot of people dislike him, but I think he is great.

‘It isn’t his fault we have to stay in.

‘I just wish people would do as their told so we can get back to normal!’

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