Mum stabbed to death by her husband AND her ex after being caught in the middle of brutal love-triangle knife fight

A YOUNG mum was stabbed to death by both her husband and ex-partner after she was caught in the middle of a brutal love-triangle.

Edanur Sahin, 24, was stabbed a total of 13 times – 12 times by her current husband and once by her ex-husband.

The mum of three was stabbed to death by her current and ex-husband


The mum of three was stabbed to death by her current and ex-husbandCredit: Newsflash

The attack was spurred on by a fight that happened after Edanur admitted she had made a mistake in moving in with her new husband, whom she had an 18-moth-old son.

Edanur hoped to return to her ex-husband who she divorced in 2017 and shared two daughters with.

Tragedy struck when the mum-of-three ended up between her husband and her ex-husband as they pulled out knives and attacked each other.

The attack happened at her home in the district of Elbistan in Kahramanmaras Province in southern Turkey.

A forensic examination concluded that Edanur was stabbed 12 times by the weapon used by her new husband Huseyin Sahin and one-time by the knife wielded by her ex-husband Firat Gultekin.

Emergency responders found the man she was now living with, Gultekin, lying in a pool of blood in front of the apartment building and Edanur dead on the 5th floor alongside an injured Huseyin Sahin who had tried to force himself into the property.


Two bloodied knives were found at the crime scene which have now been identified as the weapons that stabbed the young mother.

According to local reports the two men blamed each other for the knife fight, giving conflicting accounts over who stabbed who first.

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Both face murder charges that could result in life sentences.

Sahin, in particular, faces an aggravated life sentence, which would see him near-isolated for the rest of his life.

In July of this year at least 36 women were killed by men in Turkey, according to a report released by the campaign group “We Will Stop Femicide”.

According to the group’s figures, the number of femicides in Turkey rose compared to last month and year-on-year.

In June, 27 women were confirmed killed by men in Turkey while in July 31 women were confirmed murdered by men.

The report said that the deaths come amid growing pressures over the debate on women’s rights and the Istanbul Convention.

Huseyin Sahin, Edanur's new husband


Huseyin Sahin, Edanur’s new husbandCredit: Newsflash
Firat Gultekin, the first husband of the 24-year-old Edanur


Firat Gultekin, the first husband of the 24-year-old EdanurCredit: Newsflash



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