Mum splashes £7,200 on son's lavish first birthday party – but for a tragic reason

Every parents wants their kids to have the perfect birthday party and will do what they can to make sure they have a wonderful day.

One mum went all out for her son’s first birthday and spent £7,200 – but there’s a tragic reason why this day is extra special for the family.

Jackie Lam, 31, from Melbourne, had struggled to conceive for months and suffered a miscarriage two years ago.

Her son Lachlan was her “rainbow baby” born after the tragic loss of her first child – and she wanted to celebrate this milestone in a big way.

She told Femail : “I knew I wanted this day to be special and it was bittersweet”.

Jackie explained that in Vietnamese culture – as she has Vietnamese heritage – the first birthday is very significant, more so than 16th and 18th birthdays.

She splashed out food, a flashy venue and decorations – all themed on Where The Wild Things Are.

They invited 140 guests to the waterside venue, and laid on a huge spread of slider burgers, mini pizzas, fish and chips and salads, a dessert station loaded with mini eclairs, tarts, chocolate logs, mango mousse cakes and macaroons, and booze for the grown-ups.

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“I will never forget that moment when I saw him walking in with his dad. His face lit up when he saw all of the things,” she said.

“I love inspiring imagination, especially in children… Seeing their faces – I get so much pleasure from celebrating things with the people I love”.

The mum joked that they’ll probably have a McDonalds party for Lachlan’s second birthday, having gone all out for his first.

She added that she’s aware she’ll be judged for the lavish do but insists that she isn’t “hurting anyone” by doing so.


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