Mum shares trick to getting her kids to stay in bed – but some think it’s cruel

A mum on TikTok enlisted the help of a bizarre statue to make sure her son stops getting out of bed in the middle of the night, but her methods have split opinion

A young boy opening a door inside a house and looking at a plastic goose which is placed outside the door.
The mum’s toddler had a habit of getting out of bed during the night

Any parent of young kids will tell you how frustrating it can be to have a child that won’t stop getting out of bed, especially if they clamber out and open their door just minutes after you’ve put them down to sleep.

But one mum on TikTok might just have cracked the code to keeping her son in his bedroom all night – with the help of a slightly creepy plastic goose.

Taylor, who posts under the username @taytertot95, shared a video in which she placed the goose statue outside her son’s bedroom and waited for the toddler to open the door.

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When he did, he got such a fright that he screamed and shut the door again – meaning Taylor didn’t have to put him back to bed herself.

The video included text which read: “Tip #317: How to use a plastic goose to keep your toddlers in bed.”

And the clip was captioned: “Follow me for more parenting hacks.”

Taylor placed a plastic goose outside of her son’s room



The fake bird gave the boy a fright and he ran back to his bed



Taylor’s unique parenting method split opinion among the video’s 7,000 commenters – with many joking it could place her toddler in “therapy”.

One person said: “Adult therapist: So, tell me when your irrational fear of waterfowl started?”

While another joked: “This is the villain origin story for those kids.”

And a third posted: “Isn’t this fear tactic harmful to the child’s emotional wellbeing?”

Other commenters were huge fans of the idea.

Someone said: “I will definitely be trying this!”

As another added: “This is it. This is the future of parenting.”

There were even comments encouraging the mum to take things one step further, as one person said: “Just imagine hypothetically you add a motion sensor goose hissing sound. The sheer terror that would course through their miniature veins.”

And several people also shared their own experiences with similar parenting techniques.

Someone wrote: “My mum used to put porcelain dolls in the corner of my bedroom by the door, guess who didn’t get out of bed and still has a fear of them?”

While another person posted: “My brother used to be terrified of Frosty the Snowman, we put a stuffed one at the bottom of the stairs so he wouldn’t go up.”

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