Mum shares tip with silicone brush to get hair out of carpets – even ones that look totally clean

All this came from a carpet that had previously been vacuumed (Picture: Cleaning Tips & Tricks/Facebook)

Whether you have pets or not, you’ll probably still find loads of hair every time you vacuum.

But even when your carpets are clean, there can still be plenty of hair stuck in the pile, which was proven by this mum’s photo.

The woman shared a photo of her carpet on the Facebook group Cleaning Tips and Tricks, and it’s now gained hundreds of likes.

Despite giving the carpet a good vacuum and clean, she used a silicone sweeping brush to go over it after, and the amount of hair she picked up was shocking.

She said: ‘Can you believe all this I have brushed out of my living room carpet with a silicone brush AFTER hoovering.’

Accompanying the ‘after’ photo was a picture of her border collie, who seems to have been the culprit behind the hidden hairballs she found.

The hairy culprit himself (Picture: Cleaning Tips & Tricks/Facebook)

‘Good job I bloody love this little man,’ she added.

Commenters were gobsmacked by the handy trick, with one person saying ‘rubber brooms are amazing’.

Dozens more said they’d ordered them as a result, excited to see that same satisfying result on their own rugs.

Silicone brooms are commonly used in hairdressing salons because of how great they are at picking up hair, so it makes sense that this tip would be a good one.

Previously, a savvy cleaner shared her tip for doing the same on stairs, using a window squeegee made of the same material to lift ingrained dirt and hairs.

Although you shouldn’t do it too often so the pile doesn’t get damaged, it saves a lot of fiddly vacuuming of stairs, which is a chore none of us like.

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