Mum shares 'mind-blowing' bin bag hack that makes emptying your rubbish a breeze

Leah Itsines said her ‘mind was blown’ when she saw the way hospital cleaning staff changed the bin liner in her room – as it makes emptying your rubbish a breeze

Leah Itsines from her TikTok video
Leah was ‘mind-blown’ by the hack

Emptying your rubbish bin isn’t the most fun of all the household chores you could be doing, and if there was a way to get it over and done with quicker, many of us would jump to take it.

But as one mum on TikTok recently discovered, there might just be something we can do to speed up the process, and at the same time, eliminate that annoying feeling of going to put something in the bin hours later, only to discover you forgot to put a new bin liner in.

Leah Itsines discovered the bin bag hack herself after a recent stay in the hospital and said she was “mind-blown” when she saw what the cleaning staff did with the bin in her room.

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The mum, who posts under the username @leahitsines, explained: “I’m in a hospital room and I can’t talk very loud because my daughter is sleeping. All is well, everything’s fine, we’re literally about to be discharged.

“But the cleaner came in and changed the bin and I went to go and put something in the bin after and I just realised they have the best hack I’ve ever seen. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Did I know that before, or am I just mind-blown?’ “

Instead of pulling one bin liner from the roll and opening it up inside the bin, the cleaning staff simply left the whole roll at the bottom of the bin, meaning that when the top bag was full, all they would need to do is tie up the top and tear it away from the roll – with the next bag already in the bin ready to go.

The hack makes changing bags a breeze


And Leah couldn’t believe she didn’t know about it


Leah added: “They literally put the entire roll in here, and they just [open the top one]. You put things in there, and then when you’re done, you just get the bin liner and [tear it off]. Done.

“I can’t believe it! Why do we sit there and get each individual bag? Why? What’s the point when you can just do that?”

Leah’s video has been viewed over 78,000 times, and some commenters were equally as blown away by the hack.

One person said: “Another new thing I have learned from TikTok!”

While another added: “How did I not know this?!”

But some were less impressed, as they pointed out that the hack would be useless if you ever had a leak in your bag or an issue with “bin juice”, as all your other bags would be ruined too.

Someone wrote: “Sounds like future bin juice issues.”

As someone else posted: “Until something leaks and the whole roll gets wet.”

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