Mum shares gory snaps from her baby zombie photoshoot for Halloween

Top marks for creativity (Picture: Bobbi Rylant / CATERS NEWS)

One woman decided to really push the boat out this Halloween and photograph her baby son in some pretty terrifying zombie pictures.

Photographer Bobbi Rylant posted snaps from her zombie-themed photoshoot, which capture her one-year-old son Kamden eating ‘brains’ and bathing in ‘blood.’

The 27-year-old from Oklahoma, USA, decided to use Halloween as an excuse to get some seriously spooky snaps. Bobbi mixed cherry Kool-Aid, strawberry and chocolate syrup to create the illusion of blood and then used a plastic brain to complete the gory set-up.

She said: ‘I’ve been doing photography for about two years and the kids and I think dressing up for Halloween is really fun.

‘My youngest Kamden is dressed as a zombie. My husband and I are big The Walking Dead fans, so that is where the inspiration came from.

‘For the bloody bath I used cherry Kool-Aid with warm water and also a mixture of strawberry and chocolate syrup. The fake gashes are temporary tattoos that come off with water.’

Bobbi created fake blood using syrup and Kool-Aid (Picture: Bobbi Rylant / CATERS NEWS)
Kamden munching on the brain (Picture: Bobbi Rylant / CATERS NEWS)

Bobbi added that while Kamden was unsure at first, he soon came around after he tasted the props.

She said: ‘He was sceptical at first to sit in the bath but I always let him splash in the water, play with props, taste the syrup and let him warm up to the set beforehand.’

Terrifying but brilliant (Picture: Bobbi Rylant / CATERS NEWS)

Bobbi then decided to share the snaps from her unique photoshoot on Facebook. While most of the comments were positive, the mum-of-three did experience some negative backlash as well.

She added: ‘I did receive some hate messages, which have included “You shouldn’t feed your child sugar/syrup” and ‘What if he would have been allergic to the red dye, he could’ve had a reaction!”

‘Someone else said “Someone needs to call Child Services! You should have your children taken away from you!”

‘I never let it get to me. They have every right to have their own opinion of it. Not everyone likes to see that type of thing and that’s fine.

‘This is not an everyday type of thing, we only do this for Halloween. My children are so very loved and well taken care of.’

But, on the whole, most people online loved it – and it’s not hard to see why!

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