Mum shamed by teacher who says she should 'simplify' her daughter's packed lunch

A mum has been shamed by her daughter’s teacher for packing lunches that are too complicated for young students and suggested they’re making her classmates jealous

A young girl and her mum packing a bag ready for school. The young girl is putting something into the bag, and there is a lunchbox on the table beside her ready to go inside the bag.
The mum was told her daughter’s lunches aren’t “simple” enough (stock image)

For many parents, making sure your child is eating healthy meals at school can be a difficult task – especially if you’re planning lunch boxes ahead of time.

But one mum has been slammed by her daughter’s teacher for being too fancy with her specially packed lunches and has ordered her to “simplify” the food she brings to school.

Posting a variety of photos of her lunchbox creations to a Facebook group, the mum explained her daughter’s teacher said other kids were “jealous” of the freshly made food she eats during lunch time.

The mum’s lunches included fresh broccoli, spaghetti, apple, grapes, pretzels, and a small portion of a sweet treat such as M&Ms.

The mum said the lunches are made from leftovers with added fruit and veg



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And while the lunches are a huge step up from the classic ham sandwich, the mum explained she doesn’t go out of her way to make anything fancy for her daughter and instead just uses leftovers paired with fruit and vegetables.

The mum is now struggling to come up with “simple” ideas that will satisfy her daughter while also being healthy and not further irritating the teachers.

She joked in her post: “I see some mamas sending lobster and seafood and very fancy, beautiful lunches. I think her teacher would just about have a heart attack if I did.”

She is now struggling to come up with ideas that won’t frustrate the teachers



The mum’s post was flooded with comments from other parents who defended her against her daughter’s teachers.

One person wrote: “Those lunches look great and super kindergarten appropriate. Why should you feed your daughter less of what she likes just because other parents don’t pack good lunches?”

And another said: “All I see is healthy prepared meals. You’re not even cutting the fruits and veggies into special shapes. That teacher needs to calm down.”

While other commenters said the teacher should be trying to educate the other young children on ways to combat jealousy.

Someone posted: “This looks like a teaching opportunity for the teacher. She can teach the kids how to react positively when they feel jealous of something another person has. This is definitely not your problem.”

And another added: “Just because I make my daughter a ham sandwich doesn’t mean it’s made with any less love than this meal. But I would love if my daughter saw someone eating a lunch like this and asked me to make it.”

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