Mum makes ‘cheat’ ravioli lasagne with four ingredients

So easy (Picture: Facebook)

If only lasagnes were as easy to make as they are to consume (which goes for any food, pretty much).

One mum who was reluctant to go to the lengths of buying and cooking minced meat, got creative and came up with her own easy-to-make alternative.

The woman, who’s from Australia, skipped on the minced meat altogether, using her secret (not so secret now) ingredient – ravioli.

Instead of the meat layer, Bree added ravioli – opting for a beef packet – and layered them in between a mixture of passata and pasta sauce, and topping off with cheese.

You can try this one yourself. Once you’re happy with the number of layers you have, you just bung it in the oven and cook until the cheese gets brown.

And that’s literally all there is to the dish.

You can see why it went down such a treat on the Facebook page where Bree shared the hack.


  • One large packet of ravioli
  • 700g jar of passata 
  • 500g bowl of pasta sauce 
  • Mozarella


  • Spray a baking dish with oil and pour your mixture of passata and pasta sauce (Dolmio’s or otherwise).
  • You can add frozen vegetables at this point if you like.
  • Add a layer of uncooked ravioli, then some more sauce and cheese. Then more sauce, ravioli, sauce and cheese.

On the post, she wrote: ‘Spray baking dish with oil, spread some sauce on the bottom, add a later of uncooked ravioli, then some more sauce and cheese. Then more sauce, ravioli, sauce and cheese, repeat until you run out.’

She continued: ‘I do lots of layers of sauce as I hate dry pasta bakes and the ravioli isn’t pre-cooked. So I try and make sure sauce is touching both sides of the pasta.

‘I put it in a 200° oven for 45 minutes or so then remove foil and brown cheese for 10 minutes or so.’

Looks delicious (Picture: Facebook)

Remember that you can also add other things to the dish and don’t have to stick to three ingredients.

You can add vegetables to the sauce and serve the lasagne with garlic bread.

Followers on the group said they’re keen to try it out.

One person wrote: ‘That’s such a great idea and so easy, thanks for sharing I’ll be trying this.’

Meanwhile, another said: ‘Thank you, Bree! I might try this with the garlic chicken ravioli that my kids love, and a mixture of passata and creamy jar sauce.

‘I think I’ll add thawed spinach as you did, and if I don’t have roasted vegies to hand, maybe some grated zucchini and carrot in with the sauce. Sounds like a winner.’ 

Easy peasy.

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