Mum left fuming after mother-in-law says her baby name choice is too "hippie"

In many cases, it’s wise to keep your name choice private until your baby arrives.

It saves unwelcome opinions from friends and family, with some being sadly incapable of not revealing what they think of your decision.

And you may end up changing your mind, once the baby arrives safely.

One mum is wishing she’d done that after her mother-in-law slammed her choice – dubbing it “hippie c***.”

The woman asked for advice on Reddit after she was left fuming over the unwanted advice.

She wrote: “So I’m 36 weeks pregnant and my mother-in-law has been insisting that she’s going to call my daughter, Luna Scarlett, by her middle name instead of her first name.

“At first I didn’t have a problem with it, because other people in my family go by their middle names.

“But then she told me she didn’t like the name Luna, because it sounds like ‘hippie moon c***.’

“Now I DEFINITELY want her to call her by her first name. Isn’t that so disrespectful?”

Understandably, lots of people on Reddit agreed with her that it was an incredibly rude move.

One joked: “Tell her you’re changing her name to Luna Sunflower just to set her off more lmao.”

Another said: “My parents actually did this. My paternal grandma HATED their name suggestions because they were “too hippy.”

“It was mostly just flower names that she had a problem with for some reason. So they just upped the ante and started suggesting names like Moonflower and Raindancer just to set her off.”

“This is one of the reasons we didn’t share our son’s name and won’t be sharing our new baby’s name until after they’re born. Even if people don’t like it, they’re less likely to share their opinions once the name already belongs to the child.

“Not saying that it’s a guarantee, but most people feel much more willing to weigh in if they feel there’s still some wiggle room to change the name.”


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