Mum labelled 'trashy' for making 'innocent' kid's toys swear – but some disagree

A video of a woman and child playing with coloured letters has caused a stir online after it was shared on Reddit.

Uploaded to the r/Trashy forum, the clip shows that the woman has used some red and yellow foam letters to spell out the word “b***h” on a carpeted floor.

She then proceeds to ask the tot to sound out each of the letters and read what it says.

The little one gets most of the sounds right, apart from the ‘I’ which they mistake for an ‘O’ sound. Thankfully when trying to put the whole thing together at the end they make another error and say something very different from what everyone is expecting to hear.

Instead of a swear word, the child seems to think the letters spell out “piano”.

Some people were very unimpressed with the clip, claiming the child was too “innocent” to be playing games like this.

A few agreed with the idea that it was “trashy”.

Another sarcastically commented: “Great mom”.

While someone else wrote: “Holy f**k.”

However, others didn’t seem to think it was a very big deal as the child didn’t actually say the swear word or seem to understand what it means.

A different user wrote: “This is some good stuff, not trashy.”

“Yeah funny not really trash tbh,” replied another who found it amusing.

A third, who couldn’t see a problem with the video, posted: “I don’t understand why you’re so mad about this.”

Do you think the parent is wrong for doing this with the letters or was it funny? Let us know in the comments below.


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