Mum feeds family for an entire week using one 'humble' chicken and has leftovers

A savvy mum has revealed how she manages to feed her family-of-three for an entire week with just one chicken.

After picking up a large chicken from Aldi for $5.69, approximately £3.15, the Australian woman roasts it and separates it into three separate bowls where she adds different ingredients and seasoning.

After preparing all of the meals she still has leftovers that she freezes to use for creamy pasta, salad or fried rice, as she says: “If money is tight this week, don’t overlook the basic chicken. So many uses!”

She took to the Facebook group Budget Friendly Meals Australia to share her tips and was inundated with people praising her budget-friendly and creative idea.

She separates the chicken into three portions

The first thing she does is roast the chicken with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

Then, she removes the legs – which consist of the thigh and drumstick – as well as the wings which she pairs with a Spanish chicken sauce that’s already made up in the freezer from a previous slow cooker meal for her and her partner.

Her five-year-old will eat the wings too, but without any additional sauce and with some veg on the side.

She was praised for her chicken sandwich filler in particular

Next to tackle are the chicken breats.

She chops both breasts up and bags one up to freeze for future use.

To the other, she adds two finely sliced spring onions and a third of a red pepper left over from a salad she made for a BBQ the weekend before.

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She adds a big dollop of mayonnaise to combine all of the ingredients together and voila, she’s made a chicken salad filling for her partner’s sandwiches for the rest of the week – which is cheaper than buying ham.

Many social media users agreed that “the humble chicken” is a great option for families looking to stick to a budget.

According to The Sun one said: “Excellent and resourceful suggestions and use of 1 chicken for a family! Love, love, love this post! Good job!”

Another added: “Very great use of the humble chicken you are very clever.”

And a third was amazed by her sandwich filler suggestion.

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