Mum explains why daughter wears shower cap with sponges stuck on it at home

A mum whose child is currently learning to walk has shared the unique way she protects her from bumping her head in the house.

Margarita Nemirovskaia from Russia has sewn some kitchen sponges to a shower cap and tied it onto her 11-month-old daughter’s head.

The parenting hack for young Lilya was first tested out on Margarita’s older child, Emilia, who is now two, and the mum claims it prevents the little ones from getting any bumps or bruises if they fall over.

She said: “The idea came to me suddenly.

“It lets the girls learn to stand and get used to the space around them but if they fall there’s no bumps or bruises.”

Originally Margarita wanted to get helmets for her daughters to wear.

However, when she went shopping to get one she soon found that none of the ones available fit her first child’s head properly, with them being too big and too heavy.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands and fashion something herself.

After finding that her creation worked well, the mum began filming her daughter Emilia wearing it around the house and sharing it with her followers.

A baby girl wearing a shower cap with sponges sewn on her head
It’s for their own protection

A little girl standing against a wall with a shower cap on their head with sponges sewn on
Regular helmets were too big for their heads

Now her youngest, Lilya, is also wearing her own version of the shower cap protective head gear.

Margarita added: “The idea is great, it softens the blow for if they do fall and lessens the chances of hurting themselves.

“I had a lot of positive reactions to the video but did have a few negative ones too.

“However, I would definitely recommend it, you can even sew more sponges on to offer more protection.”

What do you think of the shower cap hack? Would you try it with your own children? Let us know in the comments below.

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