Mum divides opinions as she admits she washes reusable nappies once a week

A mum took to TikTok to share her laundry routine for her reusable nappies – but users were divided as some were surprised she washed them in the same machine as her other clothes


A mum has divided opinions online after she shared how often she washes her baby’s reusable nappies.

Mum Kelsey shared her washing routine on her TikTok, @the.clarks, where she told her 65,000 followers that she washes her baby’s cloth nappies once a week.

In the video, she said: “It is that time of the week where I put my cloth diapers and yes I only wash them every six to seven days.”

She then goes on to explain how she washes the nappies twice to make sure they’re really clean, then separates the inserts from the cloth before putting them in the tumble dryer.

One viewer who was particularly shocked by the routine commented: “Good God, that must stink to high heaven.”

She responded to the comment in another video where she confirmed that they do smell.

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She said: “It stinks so bad when I dump it in the washer. Imagine p*** and poop residue just sitting there for seven days.

“So, yeah, it does stink. But the point is after I’m done washing and drying them, they don’t stink at all.

“For the first wash, I use a little bit less detergent with warm water.

“After the first wash is done, I unstick them from the sides, and then I add a little bit more detergent with hot water this time because I really think the second wash is the more cleaning one.”

She did also clarify that the laundry room itself doesn’t smell bad, it’s only when she empties them into the machine that she says “it stinks so bad.”

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 165,000 times and has received 1,100 comments from divided viewers.

While some were surprised she used the same machine to wash her other clothes, others applauded her for using environmentally friendly nappies.

One person asked: “Why wait seven days to do laundry?”, while another added: “But why keep them marinating? … Just wash them.”

“I love stumbling onto cloth diaper moms on Tiktok!” said a third.

A fourth commented: “I would need a separate washing machine for all that.”

While someone else admitted: “Mine doesn’t stink up the room at all, but once I empty then into the water it smells pretty bad,” to which Kelsey replied saying: “Yes! So strong, makes me cough.”

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