Mum divides opinion after catching out sleeping babysitter on home security camera

A mum has sparked a heated debate after admitting she checked up on her son’s babysitter using her home security camera system, only to discover she’d fallen asleep

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TikTok user says babysitter ‘fell asleep’ whilst looking after her baby

When heading out for a date night without their baby in tow, new parents will naturally feel a bit anxious about leaving their little one at home.

This was exactly the case for mum Danielle Mitchell, who found herself anxiously checking her home security footage after leaving her sleeping 10-month-old son with a babysitter. She quickly became alarmed after the sitter appeared to fall fast asleep on their couch.

At first, Danielle, who had never before left her son with a non-family member, wasn’t sure whether or not the sitter was just listening to her audiobook, as she had previously said she would.

However, when she texted her at 9 pm asking her to let their dog in, the sitter remained motionless and didn’t respond. At this point, Danielle began to “freak out”, and decided to just go home to check on her baby.

After sharing her story via TikTok, the mum-of-one has received a range of responses, from sympathy from fellow parents to alarm over whether or not she’d made sure to inform the babysitter about the cameras beforehand.

This was the first time Danielle had left her son with a non family member



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In the clip, which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and counting, Danielle said: “Internally, I’m starting to freak out, she’s watching our son, but she’s asleep, but he’s also asleep, but he’s only 10 months and I don’t know if she would hear him if he woke up and started crying.”

“As soon as we walk in the door it takes her a second to wake up. I had left a sound monitor so I was thinking maybe she had the sound monitor on loud volume and she just fell asleep on the couch so she definitely would hear him. But no, the sound monitor wasn’t on.”

Danielle, who goes by the username @danimariemit, clarified she and her husband had only been out for three hours, between 6:30pm to 9:30 pm, so it wasn’t as if it had gotten particularly late.

She went on to ask her followers whether or not she was overreacting, asking whether it was normal for babysitters to fall asleep while caring for other people’s children.

Danielle says the babysitter was well aware of the cameras installed in her living room



Opinions were mixed on whether it was ever okay for babysitters to nod off while on duty, with a number suggesting this might have been perfectly fine had she made sure to keep the sound monitor turned all the way up first.

One person advised: “Definitely a first-time parent overreaction and that’s ok. He was asleep and safe. We all take a bit to wake up when asleep, even as parents.”

Another said: “As an experienced babysitter, unless you’re staying the night, then definitely don’t fall asleep. Especially if you’re only there till 9.30.”

However, others were more worried about the cameras, urging her to “please always make sure someone knows there are cams.”

Danielle confirmed the sitter had been well aware she was being watched, showing just how obvious her security camera would have been in a follow-up video.

She added: “The indoor ones are specifically for when we leave our son with another caretaker. They protect us and the caretaker if there ever was an accident.”

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