Muhammadu Buhari: Nigeria president say some pipo mercilessly dey against dis kontri

Muhammadu Buhari

Wia dis foto come from, Other

Some pipo dey try frustrate every goment policy to improve security in Nigeria.

Na wetin President Muhammadu Buhari tell di Presidential Economic Advisory Council today.

Di Council tell Buhari say na security challenge dey affect di kontri economy, as dem meet am during during di 6th regular meeting for Abuja.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Presidency

Buhari say: “Some pipo dey mercilessly against dis kontri” im tok, “we close di borders to control smuggling of petroleum products, and to check smuggled goods, arms and ammunitions.”

“Dem still bring weapons enta di kontri, dem bring rice inside di kontri wit motor and okada. I say make dem shoot anyone wey carry illegal AK-47, still dem no stop.”


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