Mousesports take down ENCE to win CS:GO Asia Championships

Mousesports added one more trophy to their shelves after defeating ENCE 2-0 today to win CS:GO Asia Championships in Shanghai.

It was a disputed grand final overall, but David “frozen” Čerňanský and Özgür “woxic” Eker, two of mousesports’ young stars, stomped the Finns in both games.

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The series kicked off on Train and the game was balanced until the second half. ENCE couldn’t hold mousesports’ executions, especially on the B bombsite. Frozen and woxic grabbed 23 kills each and helped mousesports to win 16-10.

Mousesports had a slow start on Inferno but later reacted to win the first half by 8-7. ENCE were up 11-8 until mousesports fixed their defensive setup and won eight rounds in a row to close the game 16-11. Woxic and frozen combined for 41 frags, but it was woxic that shined in a crucial round of the game.

Mousesports had a remarkable run at CS:GO Asia Championships. They kicked the playoffs off by taking down Evil Geniuses in the quarterfinals. Earlier today, the team defeated TYLOO in the semifinals after recovering from a 15-8 deficit in the second map. Now, they take home the trophy with a win against ENCE.

This win comes as a turnaround for mousesports; they weren’t playing so well in the second part of the Counter-Strike season but have proved their capabilities today.

Here are the final standings for CS:GO Asia Championships:

  1. mousesports – $250,000
  2. ENCE – $100,000
  3. TYLOO – $50,000
  4. MIBR – $50,000
  5. EG – $16,500
  6. AVANGAR – $16,500
  7. ViCi – $8,500
  8. G2 – $8,500


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