Mourinho and Everton need reality check over coronavius postponement complaints

The main trouble with social media is that it eventually turns everyone into a smart alec.

To be fair, Jose Mourinho did not need much turning but his Instagram posts have generally been innocently amusing, apart from that one when he slaughtered his team after the performance in Antwerp, of course.

He could not help himself on Wednesday afternoon, though.

Along with a video of his squad lounging around, he posted: “Match at 6pm … we still don’t know if we play. Best league in the world.”

The scheduled game against Fulham was called off at 3.14pm and Jose and his squad were back home in time for tea.

Big. Deal. Oh, how we lamented the inconvenience they suffered.

Jose Mourinho was unhappy with the late postponement

They will still get paid even though their job was cancelled.

If there was an element of frustration the match was postponed at relatively late notice, that is understandable. Just about.

But fifteen minutes after the cancellation, the Health Secretary put over three-quarters of the entire population in lockdown as a news ticker tape told us of the 981 people who had died with Covid-19 over the previous 24 hours.

Tens of thousands of businesses were told they had to shut up shop in less than nine hours time, possibly facing ruin forever.

And some people were, apparently, unhappy a football match had been called off inconveniently late.

Kyle Walker and Gabriel Jesus both tested positive for Covid

As the new Covid variant rages, clubs and coaches are just going to have to expect this sort of occurrence.

Everton is the classiest of clubs yet someone there also suffered something of a perspective failure when Monday’s fixture against Manchester City was called off.

Along came this statement.

“Everton Football Club regret the postponement of tonight’s match … not only for the 2,000 fans who would have been attending but for supporters on Merseyside and across the world.

“Our players were prepared for the game, as were both the team staff and everyone at Goodison … this was a big one.

“Whilst Everton will always have public safety uppermost, we will be requesting full disclosure of information that Manchester City provided to the Premier League …”

Full disclosure? Seriously?

Hospitals are full to bursting and we are demanding to know exactly why Everton-City had to be cancelled at late notice and played another day? Really?

And pity Mourinho, who was left sweating on whether to park the bus or not until just under three hours before a scheduled engagement with one of the Premier League’s worst teams.

Best league in the world, Mourinho sarcastically noted.

Yes, the league that has helped make you an extremely rich man.

Yes, the league that fetes your rather dull style of football.

Yes, the league that indulges you, that has made football happen in these terrible times.

Of course, there have to be rules, there have to be guidelines.

But if a club does not feel comfortable playing a football match at a time when a pandemic is claiming enough fatalities to fill Old Trafford, then there should be no argument, no matter how late in the day the postponement comes.

No demands for a ‘full disclosure’, no cheap posts about the ‘best league in the world’.

For all its faults, the Premier League has done a marvellous job in keeping football going in this horrid era.

And those hard-working people behind the scenes deserve better than barbs from smart alecs such as Jose.


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