Most Women Shy Away From Their Sexual Problems – Oji Oghenetejiri

One of Nigeria’s leading and trending sex therapists based in Warri, Delta State and trending noticeably on Instagram as Teji Gold has declared in a recent interview that most women have sexual problems but not too proud to want to talk about it.

Teji Gold, who uses a herb known as Kayanmata says it takes a woman of courage to admit her sexual problems and to seek help to address same.

She said, “Of course, women have sexual problems, a lot of women actually, but they won’t say it. Like I said, a lot of them shy away from the conversation. Men also do not help matters in telling the women they, ( the women ) have problems . This is because they either do not want to kill their ego, or make them feel bad. In matters of sex everyone wants to have the mind-set that they are giving their partner the best, but when you tell someone they aren’t, it becomes a problem. From my experience, most women suffer low libido or sex drive. Other sexual problems in women range from vaginal weakness, looseness, vaginal infections, vaginal dryness etc.”

Speaking further she explained what her product is all about and iterated that they are very potent in solving all sexual problems women suffer.

“I am into Kayanmata business, this business deals with problems that concern women mostly. Most women have issues in their marriage and relationships that could be easily sorted out by this product but they don’t know. These products are purely herbal, no side effects at all, in fact in seeing them alone you know these are all natural products from herbs. But most women still shy away from their problems. Sex is very important in a relationship and marriage but most people ( women ) especially would act as if they are not interested in having that conversation. Kayanmata is a Hausa word, meaning ‘Women’s things’. They are herbs used to enhance sexual pleasure. Kayanmata is the same as aphrodisiac, anything that is used to stimulate sexual pleasure,” she explained, saying women who have used the herbs have amazing story of love and fulfillment to tell.

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“Kayanmata are natural products which could be in form of fruits, herbs or even seeds that help in resolving sexual issues, creating intimacy and love between women and man. With Kayanmata, we have products that help in different ways, such as vaginal tightener, which helps to tighten loose vagina caused by something else, say childbirth or natural causes. We also have products like sweeteners, that are lubricants that make a woman very wet and sweet. There are also products for libido booster that help a woman have a good urge for sex ( most women suffer from this everyday, especially those who were circumcised),” she added.

Oji Oghenetejiri established her Teji Gold Beauty Galleria in 2018 and she has since carved a niche for herself in the business. Born July 20, 1994, Teji Gold, as she’s fondly called by her customers and Instagram followers, hails from Ethiope West local government area of Delta State.

She attended Oxford primary and secondary schools, before proceeding to Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka Campus, also in Delta State where she studied biology.

Oji Oghenetejiri, known as TejiGold on Instagram is a Catholic Christian. She is happily married with a son.



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