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The 10 most reliable hybrid cars

10. Volvo XC40 (2017-present)


Reliability rating 95.9%

Volvo covered the costs of fixing all 17% of XC40s that suffered a fault. Most hiccups were to do with non-engine electrics, and 50% of these cars were still driveable and were fixed within a day. Overall, 25% of faulty cars took up to a week to repair, while another 25% that were deemed as non-driveable were only in the repair shop for a day. 

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9. BMW 330e 3 Series (2019 – present) 

BMW 3 Series 320d front

Reliability rating 96.1%

Only 8% of 330e owners told us they had experienced an issue with their BMW, mostly to do with their air conditioning system or the engine. Some complaints were also made regarding the gearbox and clutch. Unfortunately, 67% of these cars were deemed non-driveable and were off the road for more than a week, but all cars were fixed by BMW for free. 

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8. Toyota Yaris (2011 – 2020) 

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

Reliability rating 97.3% 

Only 14% of Yaris drivers encountered a fault with their vehicle (primarily to do with bodywork), and all cars were fixed for free with Toyota covering all bills. All cars were still driveable, but 50% took more than a week to repair while the other 50% were fixed within a day.

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7. Toyota Corolla (2018 – present) 

Toyota Corolla 2021 front tracking

Reliability rating 97.6%

Corolla owners told us that 12% of their cars had an issue, most of which concerned the battery and non-engine electrics. Out of these, 33% of cars were deemed as non-driveable, but they were all fixed in less than a day. Overall, only 17% of Corollas could still be driven, but they too were also put right in less than a day and all the costs were covered by Toyota. 


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