Model says her monobrow means she’s inundated by messages from men with fetishes

After years of plucking, Sarah decided to let her monobrow run free (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)

Sarah Marie Clarke, 18, used to pluck her eyebrows at least once a week and worried about looking ‘weird’.

Now she lets her monobrow grow wild and free – and says her DMs are filled with messages from men as a result.

Sarah, a model and freelance makeup artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, says that for years friends and men she dated discouraged her from letting her naturally thick monobrow grow in.

In March 2019 she decided to ignore the criticism and take the plunge. Soon her unibrow was flourishing and Sarah felt she looked more beautiful than before.

She posted photos of her hair growth journey on Instagram, which attracted requests from photographers to do shoots with them.

Sarah before she grew out her eyebrows (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)
And after (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)

Soon after, Sarah’s DMs filled up with men asking her out and messages from men with fetishes for thick eyebrows.

She’s sharing her looks to normalise having a monobrow, reduce the judgement, and encourage other women to let their facial hair fly free.

‘I’ve always known that I was able to grow a monobrow, but just like everyone else I always removed it without really thinking about it, I didn’t think it was an option to keep it,’ Sarah said.

‘My mum has always told me: “you can dye your hair, you can cut your hair it doesn’t matter, but don’t touch your eyebrows”.

‘One day I was on Instagram and I saw a makeup artist draw one on and I did the same, I absolutely loved it but I was too insecure about going outside with it on.

Embracing her looks has helped Sarah land modelling work (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)
Sarah at the start of her journey to grow out her brow (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)

‘So little by little I started growing my own out, then I also had time to get used to it and over time I found a few other people on Instagram who did the same and I felt much more comfortable about it.

‘Before I grew it out, I would tell the men I was dating that I wanted to grow it out and they would say “no, don’t do that because it would make you look weird”. I guess that is what teenage dating is like.

‘It changes your face quite a lot and they would ask what if you change your mind, I just replied “well I can always just shave it off”.

‘In public and my work life where there are a lot of people, I felt I had to hide my unibrow because they would be scared off it and judge me.

The model and makeup artist now receives loads of messages from men who can’t get enough of her monobrow (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)
She encourages other women to embrace their hair (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)

‘One day, four girls on a bus started taking pictures of me and yelling at me. People online are weird and would post negative comments.

‘I get a lot of compliments but of course there are some people who find it offensive and have the need to tell me how gross or how much of a joke they think I am.

‘But the joke’s on them because I get opportunities and jobs because of it. Being comfortable about my monobrow on social media has attracted photographers who wanted to do photoshoots.

‘That’s the cool part of it, I can help make it more acceptable; if more people see it, then they might not judge it as much.’

Sarah believes she is more beautiful now than before (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)

Sarah says that while her monobrow used to ‘scare men away’, it also attracts men who absolutely love the monobrowed look.

She said: ‘Mostly it scares men away, but I think it’s good because that means it scares the bad people away and I can get rid of all the a**holes.

‘I’ve deleted most of the messages because I found them uncomfortable, but one guy sent me a message said he would do anything to meet and date me because of my unibrow.

‘I feel much better about myself now’ (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke)

‘I think some men can have a fetish for it, some men DM me about it.. I get a lot of dating requests; men peacocking, flirting with me.

‘I feel much better about myself now; I think I look beautiful. The whole reason I do it is because I think I look better this way.

‘Try it out. The first time I tried it was with makeup. See how it looks. Don’t do it because it’s a trend, don’t do it because everyone else does or no one else does. Do it for yourself; that’s the most important thing.’

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