Mine is a T-shirt against the stuck up British Museum

A T-shirt for revolution against the stuck-up British Museum!

• THE Review piece on the Benin bronzes was welcome, (Alloy steal, April 29), but it does not describe sufficiently the current blinkered resistance by the British Museum to restoring the looted Benin bronzes – even though France has decided to return ransacked African items to their homeland.

In my own elderly and mediocre way, I have attempted to sketch the Benin bronzes. I have produced, thanks to Snappy Snaps on Shepherd’s Bush Green, a campaigning T-shirt.

This is my timid response to the way myopic money and empire deform art. My rebellious garment is unfortunately frowned on in the snooty British Museum.

I was wearing it on the tube when someone asked me where I had got it. I said it was home-made.

He described with disgust and grief the vicious British expedition to Benin in 1897. He declared he was going to Benin the next day.

A T-shirt for revolution against the stuck-up British Museum!



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