Millie Bobby Brown Brings Back a Jonas Brothers Classic for Lip Sync Battle Against Jimmy Fallon

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to leave 2020 behind and step into the “Year 3000.” 

That’s right, the Stranger Things star will go from her retro 1980s show to performing in a more… futuristic setting. 

On Friday, Oct. 2, Millie will compete in the very first remote Lip Sync Battle on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and E! News has an exclusive first look at her joyous JoBros moment. 

“I am choosing my first song because I feel like this year has been crazy, and I think we could do with a retreat to the year 3000, Jonas Brothers version,” the 16-year-old said before fully embracing her inner rocker while lip syncing to the Jonas Brothers’ 2013 hit, “Year 3000.” 

The Florence by Mills beauty guru started out her chat with Jimmy Fallon in a hot pink turtleneck, but quickly changed into a giant, inflatable alien outfit to go all-out for the futuristic theme of the song. She played the air guitar and swung her hair around, making it the most feel-good moment of our Friday night.  

The Tonight Show episode airs the same day that Netflix announced production has resumed for Stranger Things season four. So for now, this musical clip will have to tide fans over until they can be back in Hawkins. 


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