Michelle Heaton shares more heartbreaking images from her addiction battle

Former Liberty X star Michelle Heaton has shared images of her addiction battle on social media as she praised the government and their plans to address addiction issues

Michelle Heaton Instagram
Michelle Heaton posted her pics to Instagram on Monday

Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has taken to social media to share more heartbreaking photos from her battle with alcohol and drug addiction.

The former Popstars contestant, 42, also posted a heartfelt message to her Instagram followers as she continued to described the effects of her three-year booze and cocaine binge.

She posted images of her with puffy and bloodshot eyes as well as happier photos of her with her family as she wrote a lengthy comment welcoming the efforts of the government and their plans to tackle addiction.

She wrote: “I welcome any efforts by governments to address this issue that affects too many families.

“Tackling the suppliers and helping those in addictions is amazing. I’m so pleased to hear of the extra treatment places, they are sorely needed. I’ll be honest – I didn’t have the money to get help, friends and family lent me that and I possibly wouldn’t be here now had they not as I needed the treatment within days.

Michelle Heaton at a screening of Clifford The Big Red Dog


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Michelle also posted images of her looking happier


Michelle Heaton/Instagram)

“I’m hoping I’ll hear the word education lots in the coming days… Early education in schools is sorely needed and this is something I really feel strongly about.”

She went on to say how the disease doesn’t discriminate and can affect people of any background.

“It affects people in poverty and people with money,” she said. “Once an addict we will stop at NOTHING to get the next hit, fix, high! Whatever that may be.”

She explained that there is a strong need for education and helplines to provide those in need with the information they require.

Michelle continued to give a paragraph that explained her situation: “Michelle Heaton, age 42 no bad upbringing didn’t grow up in poverty & certainly no middle class issues and never set out to be an addict . I never knew what an addict was until I almost died. Had you given me a warning or called me up and fined me when I was in the madness I wouldn’t have stopped.

“Information, the meetings and the 12 step programme got me sober! And guess what? It’s free! My passion now is giving back and helping others get sober and clean.”

Friends and fans rallied around the star and offered their support in the comments section of the post.

Michelle posted to her Instagram account on Monday with a lengthy message


Michelle Heaton/Instagram)

Former X Factor star Katie Waissel said: “So incredibly put, so bravely shared, so transparently written, and all just so selflessly, with the intent to not just raise awareness but to make the right changes in navigating the information shared with our future generations.

“I uplift you, I applaud you, I stand with you, and last but not least, thank you! Your voice is heard and your heart is felt.”

Former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw also praised Michelle, writing: “Great post.”

*Frank offers confidential advice about drugs and addiction (email frank@talktofrank.com, message 82111 or call 0300 123 6600) or the NHS has information about getting help.

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