Men who ejaculate 21 times a month could reduce their risk of prostate cancer by a third

One in eight men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A new study from Harvard University has found that men who ejaculate 21 or more times a month could reduce their prostate cancer risk by a third.

Researchers analysed the habits and health of 31,925 men, with findings being published in the journal European Urology.

‘We evaluated whether ejaculation frequency throughout adulthood is related to prostate cancer risk in a large US-based study,’ said the authors of the study.

‘We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

‘These findings provide additional evidence of a beneficial role of more frequent ejaculation throughout adult life in the aetiology of prostate cancer, particularly for low-risk disease.’

At present it isn’t clear why this is the case. In the past, no link has been found between ejaculation and cancer, and some studies even showed that men who had sex more often were more likely to develop prostate cancer.

This study didn’t take into account some risk factors like race, age, and family history (although it did factor in body mass index, physical activity, consumption of food and alcohol, and life stressors like divorce) so it’s been suggested by doctors that it needs to go further to prove the correlation.

One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and the causes are different with different people.

The most important thing is to get check-ups if you’re worried about symptoms or when you reach 50 and want to speak to your GP about possible tests.

Visit the Prostate Cancer UK website for more information on the condition and how to approach this with your doctor.

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