Meet The Masked Dancer's Moth, Discoball and Hammerhead in New Promo

If you thought the masked singers were wild, wait ’til you get a load of the masked dancers. 

The Masked Dancer is coming your way this December, and it’s basically just The Masked Singer but with dancing. It even has Ken Jeong! E! News has an exclusive first look at a new promo for the spinof series and the clip features a glimpse at three new never-before-seen costumes: Moth, Discoball and Hammerhead. 

So far, the dance moves seem to involve a lot of spinning and not a whole lot of other distinctive characteristics. If we thought it was hard to guess a celeb based on their singing voice, we’re just not sure how anyone is supposed to guess based on dance moves unless they’re literally Alfonso Ribeiro doing the Carlton. 

We’ll still absolutely watch this, but we’re just fully prepared to have absolutely no idea what’s going on.


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