Meet the adorable rescue cat who looks like he has two noses

(Picture: dobythehousecat/Instagram)

This sleepy little feline is Doby.

He was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which means he’s a little wobbly on his paws. The most striking thing about him, however, is the fact that he looks like he has two noses.

In actual fact, Doby has a cleft nose.

He was taken in by The Cat House on the Kings sanctuary in California after being abandoned as a kitten.

It wasn’t long until a member of the Friends for Life Rescue Network came to visit the sanctuary and fell in love with Doby; they made a post about him on their Instagram and that’s how he found his forever family.

Doby’s new mum tells The Dodo that she ‘saw his little bat face and that was it’.

‘We didn’t know a lot about him at first, so we did our research on cerebellar hypoplasia and cleft palates to make sure our home was safe and accessible for him,’ Jeanne explains.

Since Doby was small for his age and had some special needs, he had to be fostered first before he could be fully adopted. Once he was declare fully fit and healthy, his new parents were able to welcome him into their family properly.

And since then, he’s grown from an ‘anxious little kitten’ into a, well, a star.

Doby now has 11.8k Instagram followers clinging onto this every leap, pounce and back scratch.

His CH makes him a little unsteady when he bounces around his home but apart from that, it doesn’t really affect him.

Doby’s unique nose might be more prone to respiratory infections than some other little cats, so his parents are always keeping an eye out for his health.

But apart from that, it just means that he gets away with making more of a mess than usual when he’s eating his supper.

‘We joke that Doby has a double snoot, so there is more snoot to boop,’ Jeanne said.

‘His cleft nose means that he gets winded really easily while he is playing.

‘He huffs and puffs while he goes after feather toys, but otherwise breathes normally. He can still eat without too much difficulty, but he is really messy.’

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