McDonald’s to keep 800 restaurants open after 10pm for drive-thru and delivery in curfew loophole

MCDONALD’S has confirmed plans to keep 800 restaurants open for drive-thru and delivery to beat the new 10pm curfew.

Restaurants must close at 10pm from tomorrow – but drive-thrus and deliveries are exempt.

Drive-thrus at McDonald's can stay open later despite the new restrictions


Drive-thrus at McDonald’s can stay open later despite the new restrictions

Prime Minster Boris Johnson announced a crack down on Brits as the number of coronavirus cases rise in the UK.

From Thursday a 10pm curfew for all bars, restaurants and pubs will start, meaning Brits have to finish their nights earlier.

The new government guidance says: “Businesses and venues selling food for consumption off the premises, can continue to do so after 10pm as long as this is through delivery service or drive-thru.”

Opening times will vary between branches and some restaurants in lockdown areas may not be offering full opening hours.

The new rules also require pubs and restaurants with licences to sell booze to offer table-only service.

But customers visiting food venues which do not sell alcohol, such as McDonald’s, Pret and Costa Coffee, are allowed to queue up and buy food before taking a seat to eat it.

Customers will have to wear masks when they are not seated, for example, when they are queueing for food.

McDonald’s already offers table service in its branches through its app.

While posters inside restaurants allow customers to sign into track and trace.

You can find your nearest McDonald’s drive-thru using the branch locator tool.

The US giant is also on Uber Eats and Just Eat, so you can continue to order straight to your home.

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McDonald’s, which has over 1,000 branches in the UK, has recently also expanded its car park click and collect takeaway service to 24 restaurants.

The service sees customers order on the McDonald’s app, wait in the car park and then have the food delivered to their window.

There’s only select number of branches that are offering the service, which we’ve listed here.

McDonald’s has also recently made interesting collaborations.

It’s partnered with rapper Travis Scott to bring out a range of items, including a chicken nugget pillow which quickly sold out.

One worker also revealed how they manage to make their breakfast muffins so quickly.

And here’s how you can make your own iced frappe from McDonald’s easily.

McDonald’s worker reveals how their McMuffins are made so fast in behind-the-scenes video



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