McDonald’s mistakenly warns ‘some ingredients may be missing due to challenges following Brexit’

A MCDONALD’S restaurant has warned customers that some ingredients may be missing from their meals “due to Brexit”.

A branch in Penge, south east London, today put up a sign on its window alerting customers that some of its menu “may be unavailable” after the UK leaves the European Union.

The note read: “Due to supply challenges following Brexit, some of our menu may be unavailable or have ingredients missing eg. lettuce, tomato.”

They key ingredients feature in many of the fast food giant’s burgers, including its flagship Big Mac and the Big Tasty, which returns to menus today.

But McDonald’s told The Sun that it was a mistake and the restaurant removed the poster around half an hour after it was put up.

The chain had handed out the posters to branches last week when it looked like the UK would be leaving the European Union without a deal.

What’s new at McDonald’s today?

MCDONALD’S is bringing back the Big Tasty as part of its latest menu change, which comes into force today (December 30).

The new menu will be available for six weeks. Here’s what else you’ll find:

  • The Big Tasty – £4.39
  • The Big Tasty with bacon – £4.89
  • The Big Tasty – £5.99 (meal)
  • The Big tasty with bacon – £6.39 (meal)
  • 6 Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets – £3.59
  • 9 Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets – £4.09
  • 20 Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets Sharebox – £5.99
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry – £1.39
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry Mini – 99p

The chain added that they were a precautionary measure and that it is not anticipating any supply issues relating to Brexit.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Christmas Eve the two blocs had agreed to an eleventh hour trade deal.

The last minute agreement will allow us to trade freely with the EU without tariffs or quotas from January 1, 2021, meaning there is less likely to be disruption to supply chains.

MPs are expected to back the government’s Brexit trade deal when they vote on it at 2:30pm today.

It comes a week after Sainsbury’s warned it would run out of some fruit and vegetables, including lettuce, unless France opened its borders to freight again, following a 48-hour travel ban.

Trucks transporting fresh produce from the EU into the UK were held up at the border in Dover over fears a mutated coronavirus variant would spread to France.

McDonald’s said it has contacted its restaurants to let them know that the signs aren’t needed.

Not everyone was convinced of the drama though, with one person writing on Twitter: “Who buys a Big Mac for the lettuce?”

Another said: “I honestly can’t see the average McD customers objecting to the omission of lettuce and tomato.”

Someone else added: “Saves you picking them out of the bun”.

In some areas of the UK, branches are closed to sit-ins due to being placed under strict coronavirus lockdown measures.

Confused? Don’t worry because we’ve put together a round up of all the rules for different McDonald’s branches across the UK, including the Tiers system in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s is bringing out new Katsu curry chicken nuggets today.

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