Winter 22-23

Mayerline and Améline have chosen a balanced collection that focuses on the core values of their brands: the design of contemporary, timeless pieces that fit like a glove, stylish and very comfortable to wear.

The new winter collection brings with it a balance between soft, natural colours and vivid shades like electric blue, bright green and fuchsia red. Colours for a festive event or simply a cheerful moment in time.

Image: Mayerline FW22. Courtesy of the brand.
Image: Mayerline FW22. Courtesy of the brand.

In terms of wearing occasions, the focus has also been on balance, with the collection including multifunctional items like brightly coloured ladies suits for creating monochrome silhouettes – smart and comfortable in equal measure. These are interspersed with the relaxed and casual looks offered by a large range of knitwear and trousers with the perfect fit that this fashion house is known for.

Highlights include the many printed dresses that are somewhat shorter this season, the smocking with high collarettes that create a very feminine look, the long cardigans & lovely slipovers and the sleeveless quilted jackets for wearing over a dress or jumper.

When it comes to outerwear, Mayerline and Améline are again offering teddy jackets, but also stylish coats and diamond quilted raincoats. Prefer sleeves or sleeveless? A stunning coat with zip-off sleeves means that they don’t have to make this choice anymore.

Image: Mayerline FW22. Courtesy of the brand.

Video: Mayerline FW22, via YouTube.

Want to know more about this stylish fashion house? Visit www.mayerline.com.



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