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May I have a word about… the seven political tribes | Jonathan Bouquet


I often think that researchers at thinktanks have too much time on their hands. How else to explain the findings from More in Common about our political allegiances? Far from being broadly left or right leaning, with Ed Davey’s rump somewhere in the middle (not a pretty image, I grant you), we apparently belong to one of seven political tribes.

These are progressive activists, civil pragmatists, disengaged battlers, established liberals, loyal nationals, disengaged traditionalists and backbone Conservatives.

I think I can understand established liberals and backbone Conservatives, but I find the rest quite bewildering. So, sorry, More in Common, but I think I’ll stick to the tried and tested. So much simpler.

Are you thinking of upping sticks and moving house? Well, you could do worse than follow Prue Leith’s example. She’s put her Cotswold home on the market for a cool £10m and placed it in the hands, according to one report, of a “boutique estate agent”. No, I haven’t got a clue what can be boutique about an estate agency either. Still, if it is all too much for you, get away from it all by booking, courtesy of Saga, a “boutique cruise”. Again, me neither.

Headline of the week comes courtesy of the Daily Telegraph: “Scottish pubs to reopen, but alcohol is banned.” I know we live in trying times, but I’m not sure which bright spark dreamed up this inane concept.

And word of the week comes from the Times’s polygon puzzle – “clodpole” – a foolish, awkward or clumsy person. I do hope the uncharitable among you, especially of the drinking fraternity in Scotland, aren’t thinking that this could possibly be applied to Nicola Sturgeon.

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