Matt Prior: Saying goodbye to the Kia Stinger

With a platform that was developed to have four-wheel drive in the first place, doing something wild is a much simpler proposition. I’m guessing that the really fast flagship EV6 will be a 4×4 but, if Kia wants, it could well be rear-biased, either all the time or just when you push the right buttons. The car was designed with a motor at the back, so it would be no drama to make it a hurdy great big one. All-paw mega-hatch or rear-driven GT? It can be whatever kind of driver’s car Kia would like it to be. 

Which leaves the future of niche cars like the Stinger where, exactly? In a pickle, I would say. As it is, there are very few manufacturers that decide to take the bold of spending hundreds of millions on a platform and bodystyle that you won’t find anywhere else in their range. But it does on very rare occasions happen, when a manufacturer has something to prove, money to burn and brazen leadership. 

In future, though, when somebody suggests that most of a flagship vehicle’s effect could be replicated by turning up the wick and doing something wild on an existing car? Very sensible – but perhaps a bit of a shame. Cars like the Stinger are niche and weird and probably never make a bean, but they’re very compelling. 

Car show season comes to a close

I’ve loved the end of this year’s car show season, with the Goodwood Members’ Meeting quickly followed by a Bicester Heritage Scramble – an event I always have a lot of time for. (I was so inspired by stuff recently that I bought another classic car, but more on that another time.) 


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