Massive deadly snake lurks in Aussie back garden… but can YOU spot it?

A DEADLY snake is lurking somewhere in this Aussie back garden – but trying to spot it has left some people baffled.

The snap was shared on social media by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a professional snake-catching service located in Queensland, Australia.

Can you spot where the snake is hiding in the property


Can you spot where the snake is hiding in the propertyCredit: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

It’s part of a game to see who is up to the task of finding the elusive serpent said to be on the loose around this pool in Brisbane.

But, the snake’s expert camouflage has made it difficult to spot despite being away from it’s home turf.

One frustrated fan simply wrote, “nah… can’t see any snake.”

However, many of those looking for the snake were quick to point out to the python’s 2.3 metre long body lying in the garden bed in the bottom left corner.

“Nice size specimen just chilling in the garden,” one pointed out.

“Can’t miss the huge thing, eeeekk,” added a second.

A third clarified it’s location beyond any reasonable doubt writing: “Big snake on the left in the garden.”

It's here in the red ring


It’s here in the red ringCredit: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast 0413 028 081
Still struggling?


Still struggling?Credit: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast 0413 028 081

Bryan Robinson, from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, confirmed that snake was captured, adding that the non-venomous snake was a very common in the area

“Eighty to 90 per cent of all snake captures are carpet pythons in suburban Brisbane,” he told said.

Despite the size of the snake Mr Robinson said they generally don’t pose any danger to humans. 

Although the pesky python left some in users in huff, many appeared stunned by the majestic snake lying in the garden.

“In the garden, lovely patterns,” commented one.

“That one looks more like a traffic speed bump,” added a shocked viewer.

“Woah! He’s big!,” wrote another.

Mr Robinson confirmed that the snake was safely released into the wild after the images were taken.

“We release all the snakes we capture,” he said.

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