Martin Lewis reveals simple ways to save money on petrol and diesel

DRIVERS this winter can cut costs by making better use of their gas and brake pedals, according to Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis.

Changing your driving style could have a “massive impact” on your finances, Martin Lewis reminded drivers last night.

Martin Lewis said changing your road positioning and using the pedals less could save a pretty penny


Martin Lewis said changing your road positioning and using the pedals less could save a pretty penny

Every time you hit the pedals you’re “burning fuel”, he said.

Drivers need to keep a close eye on their road position in order to save money.

That’s because using your pedals to speed up and slow down wastes fuel if you do it more than you need to.

He said on last night’s The Martin Lewis Money Show Live Christmas episode: “Remember, every time you put your foot down on the accelerator you’re effectively burning fuel.

“Every time you brake you are getting rid of money you have paid to put in the car to keep it going.”

Staying in your lane and at a safe distance from other cars is a good way to make sure your drive isn’t too dear.

Lewis added: “Road positioning, so that you speed up more slowly, not your maximum speed, and you can slow down more gradually, of course, you brake when you need to brake for safety.

“All of that can make a massive impact on the amount of petrol you can use when driving along.”

The Money Saving Expert also recommended drivers check for the cheapest fuel near them.

More tips on how to save on petrol and diesel can be found on MSE’s website.

The advice comes as drivers fear a punishing winter amid record petrol and diesel prices.

Other essentials costing more than usual include bread, clothes and travel.

Inflation is at its highest rate for a decade, costing the average Brit family an estimated £21 per week.

We’ve advised readers on how to save cash this winter, including checking for unclaimed benefits and saving some dosh on pricey energy bills.

Car-pooling, sharing lifts and having a good look around for the cheapest petrol are all rock-solid ways to save money on fuel.

You can also make your car less thirsty by keeping its tires inflated.


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