Martin Lewis fans demand he is given Piers Morgan's job on GMB

Fans want Martin Lewis to take over from Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain but the presenter has told then he cant take over full time as he simply doesn’t have the time.

The money man has impressed continuously on the telly show, co-hosting with Susanna Reid and he’s gone viral online with people requesting he get the job full time.

Fans appealed: “Please can we keep Martin Lewis as the new regular presenter? He is far far far better than the others who have been brought in since the wonder Piers left.”

Others said: ” @GMB I love Martin Lewis! I didnt think i would ever watch GMB again after Piers but just turned on today in error and finally you have got it right!!”

However despite the praise, Martin has replied to fans online and told them that he just can’t take on the role, as he has other things he needs to do on the telly, and with his time.

Asked if he would take over by a fan he replied: “No. My role is saving people money.”

“I’m very flattered to have been asked to guest present. I enjoyed it today.

“And if the week goes well I’d be happy to do holiday cover and pop back a few times a year yet my normal mission takes priority, so wouldn’t/can’t do it full time. :)”

Hilariously the presenter missed one of his first moments on the show when he went for a toilet break and was late back to the studio for when the show went live.

Martin headed back to his desk on air and said: “I was thinking I’d walk, I’d go.

“But the truth is people, when you’re new to a job, and you’ve been drinking tea since 7 o’clock this morning.

“And then you can’t fine the loo in the ad-break, you might occasionally be late back to your desk

Martin joked: “Move on Susanna, help me.”

“TMI (Too Much Information) Martin, TMI,” responded Susanna.

Referring to Piers Morgan’s famous walk off from the show she added: “Look, we’ve got an issue with people leaving the studio on this programme, so I’m glad you’re back.”

Martin also underwent dental surgery and told fans on Twitter: “Must admit finding it tougher to get words out today. My apologies, was always going to be touch and go after my dental surgery. Hope it’s not too distracting.”

Fans continued to praise the star and said: “I can’t notice it. It’s great to hear a presenter who knows what he’s talking about for a change. Please stay. #gmb.”

Another added: “It’s great seeing you on again this morning- I’m only staying because you’re on – wish it could be permanent Martin. Well done!”


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