Martin Compston says he can’t wear waistcoats as they give him Cockney accent

Line of Duty star Martin Compston has revealed how he can’t wear waistcoats in ‘real life’ because they ‘turn him’ Cockney-speaking DS Steve Arnott.

The 37-year-old Scot, who plays a wideboy London cop in the hit BBC show said his ‘trademark waistcoat’ had ‘ruined’ his joy of wearing one in real life.

He said that Adrian Dunbar – who plays Superintendent Ted Hastings – bought him a waistcoat as an ‘end-of-series’ gift – but that he ‘couldn’t wear it’ out of character.

He said: “Adrian bought me one as an end-of-series gift. I bought him a Celtic top and he bought me this beautiful waistcoat.

“Problem is, playing Steve has killed them for me. I cannae wear them any more. It’s like putting on the character.”

Speaking about his character in the show, he said: “The waistcoats are partly because he thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes, one of the great detectives, and partly because he’s the overdressed pr**k at work.”

The Scot, who played for footy team Greenock Morton as a lad, said he ‘dreamed in English’ when playing cockney speaking DS Arnott.

He told the New Review supplement recently: “I don’t break accent when we’re filming, so a lot of people just think that’s how I talk.

“We do 35-minute takes with 25 pages of dialogue, so the accent can start to slip towards the end of a long day’s filming.

“Or on pint four, if we’re out for the night.

“It takes a lot out of you – I start talking to myself in English, dreaming in English. You find different shades of yourself. I’m definitely more cocky in a London accent.”

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