Mario Kart Tour heading to London in next week’s update

Stonehenge (Picture: DeNA)

The next Mario Kart Tour update is coming next week and will include a new London-themed track and two new characters.

While Mario Kart Tour players continue to enjoy the current Christmas-themed event and wonder why there is still no multiplayer, developer DeNA is already preparing for the game’s next tour.

Set to begin on Wednesday, 4 December at 6am, the new tour will be London-themed and come with a brand new race course set in the city itself, complete with familiar iconography like red double-decker buses and Big Ben.

While this does mean an end to the Christmas tour and, with it, a chance for you to acquire the exclusive characters, karts and gliders, DeNA has also confirmed that Santa Mario will still be available until 31 December, probably because it would be weird for the Christmas character to be unavailable that month.

We can safely assume that the London tour will come with new unlockable karts and gliders as well, but DeNA has already teased the two new characters that will be included for the tour’s duration.

We only have silhouettes to go off of, but they are clearly meant to be new versions of Waluigi, Luigi’s purple-clad rival, and Daisy – Peach’s fellow princess pal.

Deck the halls with boughs of Daisy (Picture: DeNA)


Would you let this man drive a bus? (Picture: DeNA)

As for their new costumes, Daisy is likely wearing a fur winter coat, and the present she’s holding and holly in her hair suggest it’s Christmas-themed too. Waluigi’s is harder to discern, though. Maybe a bus driver’s outfit?

This follows the recent 1.2.0 update, which added a ticket screen so you can keep track of what tickets you have, a new control scheme that has a drift button, and a new type of bonus where players can earn extra points by finishing a race while in Frenzy Mode.

As for the lack of multiplayer, DeNA will be holding a beta test for it in the future, but it will be limited to those subscribed to the game’s Gold Pass.

Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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