Manhattan DA 'subpoenas eight years of Trump’s tax returns' – live news

Manhattan DA ‘subpoenas eight years of Trump’s tax returns’


Snowden: ‘I would like to return to the United States’


Progressive Working Families party endorses Warren

The Working Families party, a progressive group that has grown its profile in the wake of the 2016 election, has endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president.

The labor-aligned political group endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016. Both Sanders and Warren remain wildly popular among the progressive community, which credits the Vermont senator with popularizing their agenda in 2016. But Warren has long enjoyed support in the liberal community and many groups had pushed her to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

“Senator Warren strikes fear into the hearts of the robber barons who rigged the system, and offers hope to millions of working people who have been shut out of our democracy and economy,” said Maurice Mitchell, Working Families Party National Director. “Our job now is to help Senator Warren build the mass movement that will make her transformational plans a reality.”

Warren earned 60.9% of the vote, followed by Sanders who earned 35.82%. More than 80% of WFP members listed Warren and Sanders as their top pick.

Warren has steadily climbed in polls, gaining on Sanders and frontrunner Joe Biden in the primary. During the Democratic debate and on the campaign trail, she and Sanders have refused to attack one another, but there is a sense among progressives that the community will need to rally behind one to give that candidate the best chance against Biden.




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