Man visits 8,000 Chinese restaurants

A 72-year-old former tax lawyer from Los Angeles has dined at nearly 8,000 Chinese restaurants across the US and archived the experiences in a spreadsheet that he has maintained for four decades. When he first tried America’s take on Chinese food as a child, David R. Chan was unimpressed. “The food was not sophisticated”, Mr Chan recalled of his first Chinese meals in the 1950s. “We would go to banquets, I’d eat soy sauce on rice, and nothing else.”

Woman visits hell and finds aborted babies

A woman who was put into an induced coma due to lung failure claims she visited hell during the experience. Kathy McDaniel insisted she vividly remembers waking up in a “dangerous, foreign realm”, populated by demons and aborted babies. However, things looked up for McDaniel when she “burst into heaven” which was “bliss like no other”. She has written a book about her experience.

Pigs wreak havoc at golf club

Two people have been injured after two large pigs stormed a golf course and forced the temporary closure of the club. The hogs caused bedlam at the Lightcliffe Golf Club, Calderdale, by charging onto the green and knocking over bags. One of them injured a golfer by causing cuts to his leg. They also injured a worker at the club who had tried to usher them off the course. “It was like a comedy script, you couldn’t have imagined it if you tried,” said a club spokesperson.


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