Man Utd transfer news LIVE: Ronaldo ‘asks for Real Madrid return’, Joao Palhinha LATEST, Diallo to Rangers

Fer real this time

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand believes it doesn’t matter who his former club signs until they stop relying on ‘individual brilliance’ to win games.

Ferdinand said on his Vibe with Five podcast: “I don’t think it matters what individuals Man United bring in.

“It’s been proven over a long period of time now that you can bring in your superstars and think this is a saving grace etc. It’s about the way the team is built, and the way the tactics are implemented.

“I think you need a style of football, you need tactics put in place, and an identity put in place, which we’ve been calling for for ages, that the players can all identify with, and then you go forward with it.

“Bruno’s [Fernandes] done it for the last couple of years, when Bruno shows up and produces a moment it’s ‘oh we’ve won the game’.

“That’s not down to tactics, it wasn’t down to structure, it wasn’t down to an identity or philosophy, it was down to individual brilliance.

“The best teams on the planet don’t win things through individuals. They win it because the team plays the best, but they might have an individual within that able to produce the magic here or there. Until that system is put in place, I don’t care who we sign”


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