Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is about to make a Sir Alex Ferguson style decision

Sanchez has reportedly clashed with Manchester United prodigy Mason Greenwood. He took issue with a tackle the 17-year-old made on him and let the youngster know about it.

But the problem is, Greenwood’s stock at Old Trafford is significantly higher than his team-mate’s. Gone are the days where Sanchez was seen as the solution for United. In reality, he’s one of their biggest problems.

Of all the players who have toiled in the post-Ferguson climate, nobody’s struggles come close to the forward.

Sure, Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao were disasters. So, too, the likes of Memphis Depay, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin.

But Sanchez has been the worst of the bunch.

And, now, Solskjaer is about to get very Fergie like. He can’t have somebody like Sanchez, a player whose form has been nothing short of abysmal, putting any frighteners on his teenage talent.

Greenwood is the future and United would very much like Sanchez to become part of their past.

A spell in the reserves now seems forthcoming. That shows that Solskjaer, for all the smiles, has a ruthless streak in him.

It’s certainly something Ferguson would have done. And did do.

He never allowed experienced players to cross the line. Sure, they could tease young players and give them a hard time on occasions. But the minute you went overboard, you were out on your ear.

Look at Ruud van Nistelrooy, for example.

Van Nistelrooy was, unlike Sanchez, a huge United hit. To this day he is loved by all who flock to Old Trafford on a weekly basis.

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The Dutchman was deadly in front of goal, amassing a tally of 150 goals in four seasons. He was blockbuster, the very best the Premier League had to offer.

But Van Nistelrooy clashed with Cristiano Ronaldo and Ferguson never forgave him for that.

Ronaldo was, like Greenwood, United’s future at the time. He was raw but, slowly and surely, improving.

Ferguson was never going to allow Van Nistelrooy, a player who was admittedly showing signs of waning, to damage his performer.

And Solskjaer won’t do the same.

Should Sanchez go in the reserves, unless the club can somehow find a buyer, he will likely stay there.

It’s not like they need him. Van Nistelrooy was more-needed than Sanchez in his day but even he was shown the door.

Solskjaer is about to make a Ferguson decision.

And whether Greenwood can repay him for that is something the future will tell.



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