Man shares video reminding people why they should never pose with their keys for photos

Don’t make it easier for potential thieves (Picture: TikTok/ thatpropertyguy/Ella Millward)

A TikTokker has shared a video reminding us to be careful with pictures of our keys.

In the clip, Kyle Mattison, who posts under the username @thatpropertyguy, shows himself proudly holing up a key in front of a house.

You may have seen people on your social media feed posing for similar pics when they’ve bought a new home.

However, as the video warns, this is not wise, as people can use the pictures to replicate your keys.

In the clip, Kyle says: ‘Don’t do this when you get keys to your new home.

‘It’s an exciting time, and you may want to announce it to friends and family but don’t post a picture where the key is clearly visible.

‘It’s possible for people to replicate keys using these pictures.’

The video, titled ‘DON’T DO THIS when you get keys to your new home!’, ends with him demonstrating a safer way to share a photo showing you’ve got a new home.

People in the comments also warned against showing the number on your keys (Picture: TikTok/ thatpropertyguy/Ella Millward)

In his example, he holds the key by its teeth, so they’re not visible, and says ‘Better to treat your keys as you would any other sensitive information.’

So how could someone use a picture to copy your keys? As the below video explains, all you need is the time, inclination and some Photoshop skills.

Even though Kyle’s not the first person to stress this, people are still clearly finding his reminder useful since the clip has over 64,000 likes so far.

Commenters were grateful for Kyle’s reminder, with one saying: ‘wow I never thought of that thank you’, while plenty of others recommended not sharing a picture of your home at all.

Others also recommended against showing the numbers on your keys, since they can also be used to make a copy as these numbers often correspond to the ridges on keys – so perhaps it’s best to play it safe and simply not share any photos of your keys either.

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