Man proposes to his girlfriend for weeks without her noticing

Look up, Liz (Picture: Steven Kurtz Facebook)

How do you get a wedding proposal perfect? You practise several times, of course.

But instead of rehearsing in front of the mirror, one man upped the stakes and proposed to his partner for weeks… without her noticing.

Steven Kurtz, from Pennsylvania, whipped up the ring in front of unsuspecting girlfriend Liz Bruner multiple times.

But Liz, usually distracted or with her back turned to Steven, didn’t clock on to the romantic gesture.

In a series of pictures uploaded to Facebook, Steven showed his attempts to ask Liz that all-important question.

Steven even presented the sparkler right in front of her face at one point as he stood a mere few feet away from her.

But Liz was scrolling on her phone and didn’t look up.

Other times, she could be seen walking in front of him, playing games, exercising and even sleeping right next to the ring.

It’s amazing what you can miss when you’re looking at your phone.

Oh so close (Picture: Steven Kurtz Facebook)
Steven tried to propose several times (Picture: Steven Kurtz Facebook)

After countless times presenting the ring to Liz, Steven decided that the actual proposal was going to get her attention and be romantic.

Waiting until Christmas time, Steven got down on one knee, in front of Liz this time, as she gasped and said yes.

What if she turned over? (Picture: Steven Kurtz Facebook)

The whole thing went down a treat on Facebook, where users found it highly amusing.

One person wrote: ‘I love this so much’.

Another added: ‘All of these pictures are adorable. No, she had no clue that ring was everywhere with you.’

A little farther this time (Picture: Steven Kurtz Facebook)
The real thing (Picture: Steven Kurtz Facebook)

While Steven’s antics impressed, he’s not the first one to secretly propose to a partner for weeks.

One man proposed 30 times over six weeks while another partner did it for a month before his girlfriend noticed.

Anyone anticipating a proposal any time soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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