Man proposes to Halloween-loving girlfriend on carved pumpkin in heartwarming surprise

(Picture: @liquidverve/Jam Press)

The set of the Halloween movie might not be the most standard setting for a proposal, but looking at that of Johnny Berchtold and Casey Bailey, both 26, certainly makes it seem romantic.

Pictures of Johnny proposing to Casey have swept the internet after they were shared, with autumn obsessives, Halloween obsessives, and just general love lovers getting in on the action.

Johnny planned a picnic at their special outdoors spot in Los Angeles, California where they frequently carve pumpkins together – the same spot that is is also one of the shooting locations for the slasher flick Halloween.

The pair, who have been dating for 10 years, met at high school and moved to LA together – where Johnny now works as an actor and Casey works in casting.

As the month of October is soon approaching, the pair decided to celebrate their annual tradition early and carve pumpkins together at their favourite spot.

Johnny asked Casey to carve him a pumpkin and in turn, she would carve him one – but little did she know her life would change forever from that day on.

He’d surreptitiously carved the words ‘marry me’ on the gourd – and Casey didn’t hesitate to say yes.

It took Johnny a little longer than he expected to carve the words (Picture: @liquidverve/Jam Press)

Speaking about the touching moment, Johnny said: ‘We always said that we didn’t need something like a proposal to ensure our love for each other especially since we’ve been together for so long, but I wanted to assure her that I’d continue to remind her of how special she was, and hey, I thought it’d give us some fun considering how 2020 has been.

‘I couldn’t prepare for the emotional onslaught it’d be to propose to her, for both of us, but I told her that it’s the moments in between all of the crazy life things that mean the most to me, and so doing it this way reminded me of the personal moments in our lives.

Casey made her now-fiancee a one-armed ghost pumpkin (Picture: @liquidverve/Jam Press)

‘I asked her to carve me a pumpkin, and I’d carve her one. She finished before me, so I had to hurry up and not misspell anything so that we could show our carvings. She made an accidental one-armed ghost. I loved it.’

He added: ‘Proposing to her was funny, because I had always joked that I’d propose while lying in bed, and because pumpkin carving wasn’t out of the norm for us, she was completely taken by surprise.

Casey was taken totally my surprise (Picture: @liquidverve/Jam Press)

‘I had to assure her “yes, this is real this time”. It took me a minute to pry the ring from my pocket, but that only added to the moment.’

Johnny uploaded photos of his touching proposal on Twitter which has since, gained over 76.6K likes and 3.5K retweets.

One user said: ‘this is so sweet and cute and perfect ~ omg, congrats to both of u!’

Another added: ‘I’ve never been so happy for two strangers on the internet i’ve never met.’

Now they just have to get the wedding booked for next Halloween and buy an orange and black gown and skeleton suit.

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