Man creates stunning artwork out of his favourite books

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A guy has become an Instagram sensation thanks to artwork created out of his favourite books.

James Trevino spends up to three hours gathering each book from his personal collection and carefully placing them side by side to form his masterpiece.

He creates the images using different shades and colours of books that he has previously read, to form emblems from films, TV series and cartoons.

In the past, he’s created work inspired by Harry Potter, the Marvel films, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon and Star Wars.

The 24-year-old photographer’s home library is massive. He’s collected more than a thousand books and aims to continue to purchase them to both read and use in his Instagram photos.

James, from Romania, says a lot of his time, patience and preparation goes into arranging his pieces in order to produce the perfect shot.

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He said: ‘I get my inspiration from movies, cartoons, TV series, animes.

‘I like the mythology based ones – because I am a mythology geek.

‘My passion is reading and writing – that is why I am doing this in the first place.

‘At first I posted simple pictures of whatever I was reading – then the photos got more and more complex.’

James will also regularly create landscapes out of books which appear to show him sunbathing by a pool, or acting as a magician.

They’re said to measure up to the same scale as his body.

(Picture: James Trevino /

It will take James around half an hour to physically capture the photographs, which are taken in his bedroom, snapping around 20 shots for each concept.

James also said he will often get his friend to climb on top of a chair with a camera to get the best angle for the photograph, and that the camera is often around two metres away from James’ body.

In addition to running his popular Instagram page, James co-curates My Book Features which is another Instagram page sharing photos from book lovers around the world.

He says: ‘I love having philosophical debates on different subjects on my page.

‘Nothing is more fun than a good debate.’

Take a look at some of his work below.

(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /
(Picture: James Trevino /

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